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Friday, December 07, 2007

Congratulations to Ronny Restrepo and Thomas Hendrey

These guys - both of them regular readers/commenters at this blog - have turned in fantastic performances this year in philosophy at Monash.

To both of you, congratulations on your results.

I'm not sure how many others of my students or former students ever read this. Stuart? Anyone else? I hope anyone else in that category has had a happy outcome now that results have been published.


Anonymous said...

Yes I was happy with my results. My average (for the purpose of working out honours) in philosophy was 83.75 which I think is high enough to get a scholarship. However, I'm not going to do honours next year, as I have been offered a job in a magazine in Thailand. I will see how that goes an reassess things next year. If things don't work out though, I have a few more options, professionally.

I'm not too convinced I will return, as I kind of sick of leading the student lifestyle and want to start earning a decent living. I will only return if I am definitely getting a scholarship, and if Rob Sparrow agrees to be my supervisor, and a few other things align themselves correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Russell.
I was quite shocked actually with some of the grades i received for my philosophy assessments this semester - shocked but pleased of course. I'm personally not getting too excited ,however , i felt that i had slacked off too much this year, and there is certainly much room for improvement.

Russell Blackford said...

Enjoy your time off, Stuart - don't rule out doing honours a year or two down the track, because that's a very good average, and I'm sure you'll have no rouble getting Rob or someone equally sympathetic to supervise.

And - great work, Ronny. Now for third year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Russell. It was a good semester for me although I could have put a bit more effort into my other subjects. Thanks for the tutoring.

Anonymous said...

It's not quite an average though, it's and average for the 4 highest subjects. One of the reasons why I didn't do honours this year is because the lack of reading I did was just criminal. While I might be able to do well in honours, I only want to do it if I am going to commit to it 100%.