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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Convergence approaching

The 2007 national SF convention, Convergence, is approaching. Jenny seems to be on a few panels, but I've been a bit slack about it, mainly because I'm feeling just a bit sorta snowed under. At this stage, I'm only on a panel about Second Life, called A Second life, why would I want one?

Hmmm, maybe because you, too, can look better in Second Life than in real life, even when you have a brilliant photographer visiting the household?

EDIT: And since I wrote this, I now find myself doing a couple of other things at the con, including appearance on a panel about whether there is a distinctive Australian SF voice or whether we are a 51st US state. Neither, I suspect, but that can await another day.

(Real-life photo courtesy of the brilliant Amanda Pitcairn; Second-Life avatar design and photo courtesy of not-so-brilliant me.)

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