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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The expansion of human horizons - nice Benford quote

Gregory Benford has a nice quote over on the Benford & Rose site. "Indeed, the greatest agenda of this century will be the expansion of human horizons by uplifting the bulk of humanity to a standard of living enjoyed by the advanced nations. That would complete the promise begun 500 years ago by the first European expansion, following on Lief Erikson without knowing his role in their own history."

That's a good quote coming from Greg, who sometimes seems like a die-hard libertarian - no one is ever going to accuse him of being some kind of closet socialist. The second sentence would probably raise a few eyebrows among my other friends, but then again anything will raise eyebrows among at least some of my friends. Science fiction writers and philosophers come well equipped with mobile eyebrows. I really like the first sentence. Now, wouldn't it be nice if we could free up a few billion dollars for an agenda like that, given that we don't fight wars any more? Hang on ...

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