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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Continuum 4

I'll be spending this coming weekend at a small sf convention in Melbourne, Continuum 4, which looks to be fairly low key compared to Conjure and Conflux - but I'm looking forward to meeting Charles Stross. I'm on a batch of panels including this one: "Writing and the Art of Money: Follow your creative instincts or follow the dollars? Is is possible to do both? Writers discuss."

Hmmm, I think there was only about one year in my life when I made anything approaching a living just from writing - fortunately, I've always had other income sources. Not many people can survive as writers without keeping their day jobs or having some cash stashed away or a supportive life partner or something; it's even harder if, like me, you are picky about what sorts of things you actually want to write. But some of the other people on the panel have made more out of writing than I ever will, so it'll be interesting.

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