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Friday, October 09, 2015

The Mystery of Moral Authority now available for pre-order

My new book, The Mystery of Moral Authority, is scheduled to appear from Palgrave Pivot toward the end of 2015. It's already available for pre-order from Amazon, if you happen to be interested. Please consider! Or perhaps let your local academic library know.

I've now been consulted about the cover design and the back-cover copy (the latter is mainly a generous and detailed endorsement from Richard Garner, author of Beyond Morality). I expect to see some page proofs soon, so we're at the real business end of the production pipeline.

I'm sure that The Mystery of Moral Authority will be a handsome little monograph. I also think it has an important message, though I suppose I would think that.

I'll provide more news as the book approaches its publication date.

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