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Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh noes, Hans Küng is too evident!

The renowned Catholic intellectual Hans Küng is too damn evident. In the French sense, of course. Not only did he buy himself a (gasp!) nice car nearly over 40years ago at the time of Vatican II; he has now said what many others are thinking about the morally and intellectually bankrupt Catholic Church.

His advice is probably good, but les salauds (to use another French expression) won't take it.


Brian said...

You seem oblivious to the scientific evidence underwriting the Church’s defense of the moral status of the human embryo...
And what scientific evidence would that be? Embryo has sufficiently developed nervous system to have hopes, desires, memories and that stuff we associate with a person? Nope. Wonder what the evidence is then?

On a tangentially related note, Russell, are you a crikey subscriber? There's an article by Paul Mees that attempts to exonerate Darth Ratzinger.


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Christian Munthe said...

This DM that resident troll I've been hearing about, by any chance? :-)

Russell Blackford said...

Mais oui.

DM said...
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Anonymous said...

Le petit troll de Russell.

DM said...
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John S. Wilkins said...

[Your troll is in play]

It's worse than that. If you read the comments, Küng is a Lutheran! He obviously wants to reform the church!