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Monday, December 07, 2009

What I think of Dick Gross's piece in today's Sydney Morning Herald

I'm feelin' kinda cross when I read that screed of motherfuckin' dross by Dicky Gross. Yeah! It's fairy-floss! It's a total loss. The guy is a tosser. An embosser. His job is a rort. He hasn't really thought. He ought to do some kind of investigation. Haha! Put his mind to some real examination of the motherfuckin' facts. Right now, it's fraught with cracks. It's just too lax.


Gerald said...

Come on, don't be afraid, tell us what you really think!

(Sorry, someone had to)

Lady Mondegreen said...

As someone who's spent many a midnight hour working behind the scenes on plans and concepts to make the Global Atheist Convention an entertainment spectacle rather than a dry and dusty academic event, I agree. Dick could at least have done Convention organizers the courtesy of checking on what the plans for the Convention were, rather than make ASS-umptions.

NewEnglandBob said...

After reading your lead-in, Russell, I expected something like the latest drivel from Robert Wright or Karen Armstrong or Mein Kampf. But as I read Dicky Gross' article, I was surprised.

Granted, he write poorly and erroneously thinks he is cute and witty and he makes no valid points but it isn't really that bad for a throw away piece.

Lady Mondegreen said...
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Lady Mondegreen said...

It may not be a big deal to you, Bob. But for the many volunteers who have been working their butts off to make this Convention the best of its kind in the world, it's a slap in the face. It's also ridiculous - not to mention discriminatory - to assume that, just because we're atheists, we can't 'put on a show' with the best of them.

(Previous post deleted due to typo - sorry)

Janet's Dad said...

Yeah, but we aren't going to sport as many kinds of hats ... not even the Melbourne cup can match what they got going on down there right now.

Gross is right!

But what I wanna know is are the secularists going to up and reply to one of the key questions all these chaps in colorful caps really came here to learn?

The ABC today quotes one of the Parliament of religions organizers thusly:

Rev. Dirk Ficca, Parliament of Religions spokesman, says, "Australia has been chosen to host this year's event for its commitment to social and religious diversity. This is a struggle for cities now around the world - how do you have so many immigrant and diverse communities and yet have a socially cohesive society. We think Melbourne has something to teach the world," he said.

Lets hope though that the "secularists" on deck tomorrow mention that these many "immigrant and diverse communities" interact in a socially cohesive society, though secularism, and especially though a system of secular free public education where children interact on terms that don't order them by the tribal beliefs of their parents.

It isn't perfect, but there has not yet been a better system devised ... has there? Maybe dull isn't so bad after all.

Sean Wright said...

Personally I think that we should have a funny hat parade and Dick can present a prize for the best.

I have a book by Dick, maybe his just sour that he missed the "New Atheist" wave :)

Russell Blackford said...

lol, do you really not "get" what that word is doing there? Never mind.

Eamon Knight said...

Only in certain dialects can you rhyme "rort" with "thought". Fortunately, Aussie is one of them....

Russell Blackford said...

Yeah, it occurred to me later that Americans often pronounce "thought" as "thott", rather than as "thort".

Dick Gross said...

Dear Russell (may I call you Rusty? Russell sounds so formal)

I think that is the first poem ever written about me. Thanks Rusty very much. I feel both honoured and flattered and I beg you to add to the repertoire. At the moment then Canon of "Poems About Dick Gross" stands at one and I beg all readers to add to this illustrious canon.

Hugs and kisses,