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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A short story competition

I've been asked to publicise this, and it does look interesting. I won't have time to take part myself, but if anyone wishes to ...


Dear Russell

I am sending for your interest details on the speculative fiction short story competition I'm convening. I'd appreciate it if you could also let your own creative networks know about it.

2009 is a milestone as it will be 10 years on 6 November 2009 since the republican referendum was lost. To commemorate this event and to remind Australians what they still don't have the Australian Republican Movement is calling for speculative fiction short stories between 2000 and 4000 words that portray an Australian republican future in a positive light and demonstrate the absurdity of a hereditary monarch as the Australian Head of State in twenty-first century Australian society. Stories must be original and unpublished.

First National Republican Short Story Competition
Due 31 August 2009
1st prize: $611.99
More information and daily blog of creative stimulus material at http://republicanfiction.blogspot.com
E: qld@republic.org.au
Entry fee $11.99
(Cheques or postal order payable to Australian Republican Movement)

Send entries to:
Australian Republican Movement
PO Box 87
Geebung Q 4034

The judges are Queensland author Nick Earls, Brian Matthews (Professor of English, Flinders University), and John Warhurst (Professor of Political Science, Australian National University)

For more information see http://republicanfiction.blogspot.com



Dr Glenn A. Davies

Queensland State Secretary

Australian Republican Movement

PO Box 87

Geebung Q 4034


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