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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Voices of Disbelief - halfway there

Udo Schuklenk and I now have about 25 essays for Voices of Disbelief. We'll end up with somewhere between 50 and 60, so we're near enough to halfway there. If I single out individual contributors, it'll not do justice to all the ones not mentioned. But they include regular readers of this blog - Damien Broderick and Greg Egan. Plus well-known authors, journalists, philosophers, activists ...

It's going to be a strong book. Stay tuned, folks.


Blake Stacey said...

". . . Greg Egan. Plus well-known authors . . ."

You're just daring me to make the cheap shot here, aren't you?

Russell Blackford said...

I mean Greg is sooo obscure. Damien, too. lol.

Yeah, maybe I didn't word that well. Sorry, guys. :)

Robin said...

I love this project. I can't wait to see it!

Becca said...

Could I be so bold as to offer an essay? Regardless, I'm eager to see the completed work.

Sample of some stuff:

Russell Blackford said...

becca, see my more recent post. Briefly, the book is closed for submissions and we even have a reserve list already. Will look at your blog, though.