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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JET - the plan

The plan is to get the Journal of Evolution and Technology onto a solid, regular publishing schedule (two full issues per year), and cement its position as the place for serious discussion of the (post)human future. The idea of a new kind of evolution of the human species, driven by increasingly intimate and internalised technology, is one whose time has come. Every day, the idea seems that little bit less "out there": it is increasingly familiar to the public, better understood, more and more plausible, and it merits examination from many viewpoints. We can really go places with this core idea, and with everything in science, philosophy, and all the other relevant disciplines, that connects with it.

At the moment, alas, we have a fancy publishing system that we all need to understand and use properly. It will also be good when I'm fully on-stream as editor-in-chief, which won't be until March ... though my first couple of weeks in the chair have seemed busy enough. We'll be moving as quickly as possible, in those circumstances to add new articles to the current issue, as and when they reach the final production stage. We do not need to wait until an issue is full before we publish individual articles that are ready.

Meanwhile, do browse the contents of earlier issues: since 1998, JET has been a fascinating on-line publication, though initially not a full-scale one, and to date not a regular one. There's plenty to think about in all those on-line back issues.

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