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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eight more random facts

Let's see if I can come up with a few more, while I'm in the mood:

1. My favourite TV show at the moment is definitely Doctor Who, which I've been watching as assiduously as possible from when I was a little kid.

2. I'm a sucker for the whole X-Men franchise, again dating back to when I was a little tiny kid and I bought a copy of the original X-Men # 4 at a school fete.

3. I can produce metrically perfect English sonnets on demand. It's just a "chip" that I seem to have.

4. I'm not actually named after Bertrand Russell, but I'd like to be. Don't tell anyone. My parents had a different Russell in mind.

5. I have an entry in Who's Who in Australia that dates from my days doing labour relations work, and has absolutely nothing to do with anything that could possibly attract anyone (leaving aside personal friends) to want to read this blog. C'est la vie!

6. I was always the third speaker on my school debating team. Not that we were ever that good; we did win the local school zone competition once, but that was as big as we ever made it, alas.

7. Somebody once pointed out to me - and I suspect it's true - that I look uncannily like the actor Gary Busey. This isn't necessarily what I would have picked if I'd been consulted by whoever decides these things, but what can you do? No offence meant to Mr Busey. (Actually, since my hair turned grey the comparison is usually with Bill Clinton, whom I do doubtless resemble in some ways, but I don't have his extraordinary time-management skills.)

8. I used to have a small, brown-scaled goldfish called "Little, Brown". Since his tragic demise, he's been replaced by a fish called "Little, Black".


drjon said...

...I look uncannily like the actor Gary Busey.

You'd make a fair-to-passable Kirby Magneto, too.

Loved the original comic books. Claremont and Byrne's reboot had its charms, but the early stuff was just grand.

Anonymous said...

X-Men rock! Who is your favourite? Gambit is mine, my favourite old-school X-man is Banshee. I still have a copy of the comic when he made his first appearance (my uncle gave it to me).

Terry Talks Movies said...

Gary Busey? Nah, Robert Culp.

Terry F