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Australian philosopher, literary critic, legal scholar, and professional writer. Based in Newcastle, NSW. My latest books are THE TYRANNY OF OPINION: CONFORMITY AND THE FUTURE OF LIBERALISM (2019) and AT THE DAWN OF A GREAT TRANSITION: THE QUESTION OF RADICAL ENHANCEMENT (2021).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter blog break

Away, away for the next week or so, and I'll not have much chance to blog until 15 April. Good luck with your new blog, Blake; I'll call in when I get a chance. Remember that you promised to meet up for a chat with me in Second Life, Holly, but it'll have to be after I get back. I hope IEET and Monash will survive without me for a few days. Everyone, take care.


Blake Stacey said...

Thanks! See you when you get back.

Russell Blackford said...

Dammit, where is Holly? ;)