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Thursday, March 15, 2007

In the real world - our house re-roofed

That's right, we've had workmen re-roofing our (big old) house this week - it was getting to need it, alas, and we got a pretty good deal as the people in the adjoining terrace had taken the plunge. It all went surprisingly smoothly, and scarcely so much as interrupted my thought processes, though it impacted more on Jenny who was home the whole time (whereas I was off at university doing some teaching for a couple of the days). Felix was terrified, alas, and spent most of the last few days hiding under the bed. Poor little pussycat - we'll have to make it up to him.


Blake Stacey said...

Just tell Felix that it could have been much worse. Our family cat, Chloe Elizabeth, was home alone during a thunderstorm when lightning struck our house. Now, when she's mildly spooked, her tail bushes up to three times its normal diameter. I can scarcely imagine what she made of the kitchen going boom!

(Someday I need to get my pictures of that online. They're. . . pretty impressive.)

Yikes — is it already 8:00? Off to get my stuff together for tonight's cyberpunk party.

Russell Blackford said...

A cyberpunk party! That would rival Alison Goodman's "express your inner goth" party (which I reported on a few months ago).

Blake Stacey said...

Any excuse to wear mirrorshades at night! :-)