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Friday, September 22, 2006

Mid-semester break at last

I'm looking forward to a week's break from teaching responsibilities. I hope my students enjoy the break, as well - though they have an essay to worry about.

I've had a hectic week here, partly because I seem to be having computer or internet problems wherever I go at the moment. The highlight of the week was being guest speaker at an RMIT University forum on Tuesday evening - the topic being the technological singularity as postulated by Ray Kurzweil (drawing on the work of Vernor Vinge, Damien Broderick, and others). This turned into a surprisingly wide-ranging and enjoyable philosophical discussion, with excursions into utilitarian theory, philosophy of mind, philosophy of personal identity, and just about every other area of contemporary thought that could shed light on the issue. Thanks to John Lenarcik for inviting me.

Now to catch up on some reading and thinking for the next few days, I hope.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this answers my question I asked you earlier.

Russell Blackford said...

Yup, still teaching at Monash. I'm the coordinator/lecturer for one subject this semester - CHB1020: Ethics, Genetics, and the Law.

Great course to teach, but giving a couple of lectures and taking a couple of tutorials each week can involves a surprising amount of time and energy. I was glad to have a week off from classes. Back to it tomorrow!