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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

H+ ... Transhumanism article gets Featured Article status at Wikipedia

In the past couple of days the article "Transhumanism", which I've been working on for some time (along with others, of course, particularly "Loremaster" and "StN") has been given Featured Articled status at Wikipedia - recognition as one of Wikipedia's best articles. This was quite a labour of love, with a lot of negotiation among people who have a range of views, in an effort to get a useful, neutral, comprehensive article. To the extent that we've succeeded, it has shown the Wikipedia process working at its best.

Meanwhile, I've been given admin. status at Wikipedia, as of last week, so it's now incumbent on me to be a paragon of neutrality, civility, etc., there, to try to help in mopping up problems, etc., etc. All which I'm pleased to do whenever I have time.

I do still warn my students who are tempted to run off to Wikipedia that it's a slightly dangerous source. The articles vary greatly in quality, and the whole thing is a work in progress. But I also think that trying to write a comprehensive encyclopedia, available free on-line to the worldwide public, is an unequivocally good thing to do. It's a project I'm glad to give my support.

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