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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Potential Wedding Album - supporting same-sex marriage

This classy site - The Potential Wedding Album - supports same-sex marriage as a legal option here in Australia. You might want to have a look and give it your support and/or pass on the link. Successive federal governments in Australia have not only failed to provide for same-sex marriage; they have gone out of their way to discourage "too-marriage-like" legal statuses even in state and territory jurisdictions. All this is simply pandering to social conservatism, in my view. As long as we are going to have such a legal status as "marriage" in our society - maybe we shouldn't, but that change won't happen any time soon - I see no rational basis for restricting it to straight couples. The restriction is socially unnecessary, and it's gratuitously insulting to gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals. It casts them as second-class citizens with second-class relationships.

It's time to move on and get rid of this offensive restriction.

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Rosemary said...

Hello, I'm new to posting on this blog, which I discovered through some articles on richarddawkins.net. I'm very much enjoying reading your various posts.

After reading this post I visited 'The Potential Wedding Album' site and left a message of support, the substance of which was as follows:

I wholeheartedly support the existence of a legally recognised ceremony of commitment that is the same for heterosexual and homosexual couples. I am a bisexual woman engaged to marry my male partner. As a UK citizen, if my chosen life-partner had been female, she and I would have been able to become 'civilly partnered'. This is a tremendous and significant step away from centuries of restriction and discrimination, but still less than ideal.

As atheists, my partner and I will be having a civil ceremony. The reason most commonly understood for the restriction of marriage to straight couples in the UK is its Judeo-Christian cultural heritage. Well, if even civil marriage is still somehow a religious institution, than I don't want any of it, thanks! Can't my boyfriend and I be civilly partnered too? However, if marriage can be an entirely secular legal commitment, then I simply cannot see a reason for the gender of participants to even be relevant.