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Friday, March 09, 2012

Trinity College next stop

Here I am, holed up at James Hughes's place listening to various morning sounds as I hang out on the internet.

Talk seemed to go fine last night, and I'll next be speaking (tonight) at Trinity College in Hartford - on the topic of, let's see, "Secularism, Emerging Technologies & Science Fiction". I'm not sure how I make all those go together, but I gather that the format is largely one of the guest speaker fielding questions from the audience, who have read some stuff in advance. Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should turn human and join my kind hosts.

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Bruce S. Springsteen said...

Perhaps offer a speculative tale where atheist hit squads weilding Japanese speech-jamming guns fly around the world on jet packs, garbling the publc utterances of various loud-mouthed clerics and theocrats, rendering their rhetoric pure gibberish -- and nothing changes.