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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Official US release date is 26 October

The official US release date for 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists is 26 October.

Copies have actually been available via Amazon for a week or so now, and the book also appears to be available already in (at least some) Barnes and Noble stores in America. Still, 26 October is an important official day in the book's life. If you were planning to make some noise about it, that would be a great day to do it, as it gives you a hook: "50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists, ed. Russell Blackford and Udo Schuklenk, published today!!" Got the idea? :)

So, everyone out there who has maybe read the book and liked what they read, have a think about it. Likewise if you just want to raise awareness of the issues, or whatever ... It would be terrific if you could mark Monday, 26 October in your diary as a really good day to have your say - in any way.

Amazon reviews, blog posts, comments in podcasts, contact with local media - whatever it is that you might be able to do to spread the word, it will be very welcome indeed.


Emlyn said...

Is there any possibility of a CC licensed version available online? It'd spread a lot faster that way. People would send snippets, links to particular pages, all that kind of thing.

Gerald said...

When will it be published in Australia?

Brian said...

Amazon told me that mine had shipped the other day. Is that so it'll arrive in time for the US release?

Russell Blackford said...

I believe that copies are available in Australia about now. I don't think there's an official publication date here other than the UK one of 9 October, but it has taken some time to get ship copies from wherever they are warehoused and get them physically into shops.

Russell Blackford said...

Emlyn, I think any online publication is out of the question - for many reasons, not all of which I'd want to go into in public as they involve personal financial issues, etc.

Steve Zara said...

Will do Russell. I'll post a more substantial review.

Luke said...


I have come to not think very highly of you (you claimed I called you a creationist and that I think you're an idiot - both not true, you misunderstood the argument, and I don't think you care. I can't even touch the crazy approach you have taken with Coyne with overlapping arguing that the supernatural is within the realm of science). I take it from what you have said, that you would think the same of me (and in some cases for good reason and for that I apologize).

With that said, congratulation on the publication of this book.

Best of luck with it. Also, congrats on all your cool new stuff...

Luke said...

As long as I'm at it and you are asking people to mark their calendars for this event. I will make a point of writing up, the best way I can (which will be lacking I'm sure) a critique of some of your claims - Not having to do with the book. It will likely backfire, but I think it would be essential to get out there the few attempts you have made to confuse science and reason advocacy (usually under the guise of "atheistic" or counter religion advocacy - both of which I whole heartily support, just not some of your incredibly inane attempts).

There, just thought I'd make more friends while I'm here :)

RBH said...

Hm. I got my copy in rural Ohio on Saturday, Oct 17th, on a special order through the local bookstore.

Your Name's Not Bruce? said...

I liken arriving at atheism to turning the lights on rather than blowing a candle out. Or more like Sagan's subtitle for DEmon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. Theistic religion is more likely to be a source of ignorance and superstition than enlightenment.

Good luck with the book, though!

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