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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Hellfire Club is moving

In fact, The Hellfire Club has moved its activities over to the Skeptic Ink Network, run by John Loftus and Ed Clint.

This is the new link for The Hellfire Club for you to use, bookmark, and send to others.

You'll already find my first post on the new host site, explaining my decision, and introducing myself to a new audience.

As I say over on the new site, the invitation to join Skeptic Ink was offered some time ago now, but I was slow, and a bit reluctant, to make the move, mainly because I wanted to get a better sense of how it might work while I was also contributing at Talking Philosophy, a site that I’m equally committed to (and which I had not belonged to for all that long at the time).

I’ve now had enough experience to be sure that there’s room in my life for both Talking Philosophy and The Hellfire Club. Neither the administration of Talking Philosophy (i.e. Jeremy Stangroom) nor the Skeptic Ink administration has placed any pressure on me to exclude certain topics, but I now have a fairly intuitive idea of what will go where.

The mix of topics, etc., at The Hellfire Club is likely to be much the same as ever, in so far as there is a "same as ever", but there will be advantages for me in belonging to a strong blogging network, and I think there may be much in the other blogs within the network that you'll find interesting.

Existing threads on this site will remain open for discussion over the next few days. However, for the foreseeable future this site will have no new posts. Would my regular readers please bookmark and/or follow the new site for The Hellfire Club.


MosesZD said...

I am happy for the new aggregator. But after the tin-pot dictator over at FTB let his minor celebrity status and rigid, inflexible world-view get in the way of free expression and rational thinking... It's turned into crap, along with most of the blogs there... Just like it did with Seed/Science Blogs...

And while I rarely comment anywhere anymore, I still read. Until the place becomes a toxic waste dump.

Are we going to do better over there? Because I'm not interested in the Junior High shenanigans of FTB.

Russell Blackford said...

Hi, Moses!

I thought at first that you were getting the Skeptic Ink Network confused with Freethought Blogs. They are very different things. But I take it from reading your comment again that you're fearful that Skeptic Ink will develop similar problems to the ones you're identifying with Freethought Blogs. Is that right?

Whichever you meant, please have a look at the Skeptic Ink Network (link in the OP). You might like what you see.

Hazel said...

I shall update :)

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GTChristie said...

There have been some lively comment threads around here over the years and I hope that follows you over. I'll have a look and relink. I like your Talking Phi presence too. You're pretty good at keeping more than one ball in the air. Best of luck. I'll be around.