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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An up and down week here

After arriving back in Australia on Friday night, full of energy, I immediately threw myself into all kinds of frenetic activity. Unfortunately, I may have overdone it - or maybe various stresses finally caught up with me - because, despite the summer weather in Melbourne, I kind of crashed with a wintery sort of chest-infection-plus-cold thing within a few days. I've spent yesterday and today, in particular, sniffling, sneezing and generally feeling miserable and full of self-pity.

I've spent a lot of today in bed, and I really must be a lot better for tomorrow when, again, I need to get out and do stuff. Wish me luck!

I promise thoughts of more significance soon.


Brian said...

Blame it on determinism Russell. Apparently we control nothing. ;)

Blake Stacey said...

Clearly, you've spent too much time on the Internet and have caught a winter cold from somebody in the Northern Hemisphere. Upgrade your firewalls and virus scanners! :-)