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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Uvvy Island

I'm looking forward to the launch of Uvvy Island on 7 June - this being the island that Giulio Prisco has created, within the popular Second Life virtual reality world, as a haven for transhumanists and technology enthusiasts to work creatively together. At least, I gather that's the idea. Guilio has obviously put enormous effort into this.

James Hughes will be speaking on "Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea?" Giulio Prisco and Philippe Van Nedervelde will also be speaking: "Transhumanist Technologies on the Horizon and Beyond"; and "Virtually Real Virtuality". Naturally, I'll blog my report on how it all goes.

I do like the thought of a bunch of future-oriented thinkers being able to meet in a small, sunlit corner of virtual reality - however primitive VR may be at the moment - to take stock, share ideas, and make plans. There's plenty of potential as the technology gets more sophisticated, and the use of virtual reality forums could well have practical advantages for someone working in Australia who doesn't get a lot of opportunities to meet these people face to face. Besides, it all has a healthy appeal to the big kid in me. We don't have to be sombre all the time.

The simple architecture of the island is cool to fly around and check out. In a couple of the uploaded pics, you can see "me" exploring the auditorium of the central building, where the launch will take place. I've also scoped out the rest of the island, including the cosy meeting hall for IEET.

I'll just be listening this time, I guess, but I'll be there in my Second Life guise as "Metamagician Apogee" (I chose the surname from the limited list that Second Life offered me when I registered, but it seems appropriate). Well, what the heck - there's also supposed to be a party after the talks.

Hmmm, this is going to be fun.

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